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F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S


What service do I provide?

I provide fine calligraphy, lettering and design for Illustration, events and branding. This can range from workshops to  Corporate events.  I produce beautiful hand-penned calligraphy in traditional and contemporary Copperplate on stationery, luggage tags and other types of stationery.


Do you only work with clients in South London?

I provide the service throughout the UK (nationally) but I am happy to courier work to most places (internationally).  Please check to ensure the product can be shipped internationally.


Do you offer calligraphy workshops?

Yes, I provide calligraphy workshops on request, where you will enjoy learning copperplate with other enthusiasts. Bespoke workshops can be arranged, for more information contact Beverley on:


Do you offer Private tuition?

Yes, I am happy to provide one to one tuition on request.


How do I send my guest/address list?

You can provide it to me via email, in Microsoft word or excel format.  I always ask that the list is sent in alphabetical order - likewise your stationery will be returned in the same order as the list received.  Please check spellings as I will copy what I see.


How would it be delivered?

Depending on your needs or location you can collect it from me or I can arrange for it to be record delivered or arrange for couriers to deliver it on the day of your choice.


What if my order hasn't arrived?

If your order hasn't arrived on the due date please inform me as soon as possible so I can follow this up with the courier to ensure delivery takes place as soon as possible. I can not accept responsibility for any orders lost or damaged in the post. I will not accept liability for loss or damage arising after delivery has taken place. If you would like your order to be insured please ask for a quote before posting.


What type of paper is suitable?

Generally most types of card and paper are fine for calligraphy but there are a small percentage that are not, these are mainly handmade or coated papers.  If you are unsure I would advise you to raise any concerns with your stationery supplier regarding compatibility.  Alternatively, I will be only too happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 


Is there a colour option?

Most definitely, I am able to mix the calligraphy ink by hand to achieve the colour of your choice.  However, black is generally the most effective and complimentary colour depending on your stationery.  Again I will be more than happy to advise you if you are unsure.


How much spares do you need?

To allow for any mistakes that I might make I ask for at least 10-15% spares.  This will also save you providing spares for any last minutes additions to your guest list.


How do I make payment? 

It is easy to make payment we will provide you with an invoice with order confirmation and payment instructions.



1. Please contact me  to discuss your calligraphy requirements. I can provide a no obligation quote. If you would like to place an order we would require a 50% deposit. On receipt of your deposit I will provide you with a delivery date and a client information via email.


2. You can provide your list to me via email to, in Microsoft Word or Excel format.  I always ask that the list is sent in alphabetical order - likewise your stationery will be returned in the same order as the list received.  Please check spelling, as I will copy what I see.


3. Depending on your location, you can drop your stationery off to me or send it to me in the post. Please also supply 10-15% spares just in case of any mistakes.


4. Your order will be sent to you on receipt of the full balance so please ensure that the final payment reaches me before the delivery due date to avoid delay.


5. Please let me know if your stationery is made of unusual or handmade paper.


6. If you provide me with a sample of your stationery, suitable for calligraphy I will return it to you so you can see in advance how lovely your handwritten stationery will be. 

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